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Change Data Capture with Amazon RDS MariaDB and Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Recently I had a need to determine how to implement change data capture against an existing MariaDB database running with Amazon RDS.  The applications that were using this database were written in a variety of languages (Perl, PHP, Node, Java) and were spread across several different environments, so it really wanted to be something done… Read more »

Analytics Anywhere

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Having just had the opportunity to present at DELLEMC World 2017, I thought I would post a quick test of my marketing skills here.  The talk track was around Analytics Anywhere. Being able to run your analytics in an infrastructure agnostic way is paramount to creating a modern data environment…. Read more »

Cloudera Just Legitimized Greenplum’s Dominance in Data

As the upcoming Cloudera IPO approaches (at a much noticed discount from their valuation 4 years ago), they have taken the opportunity to call Greenplum a “Traditional Analytic Database” worth benchmarking against their Impala engine. To quote a line from the movie Moana, “What can I say except, You’re Welcome”… Read more »